About Us

BCM Group, Inc. has been a leader in providing Program and Construction Management for nearly 40 years. President & CEO Dr. William Sterling and Vice President Selena Casas successfully manage BCM Group with a structure to meet the demands of today’s constantly changing and challenging marketplace. 

Best Choice
for your district projects

With a proven track record of success, we offer extensive experience with modernization and new construction projects. Our completed projects range from school builds of K-12 and public works agencies throughout California. Additionally, our portfolio includes tenant improvement work with commercial and single-family occupied buildings/spaces.  

 While the industry fundamentals for construction projects mostly remain the same, at BCM Group, we approach every challenge with a fresh perspective. Our extensive experience allows us to identify challenges quickly, and our diverse workforce is known for peeling back the layers to identify other opportunities that prevent our clients from having to complete future re-work. Our differentiator is that we want YOUR long-term success, so we will always give our best and go the extra mile for our clients.    

 Our mission is to deliver the best projects for our clients on time and within budget, without cutting corners, to provide a quality product. 

BCM Groups
fundamentals for success

  • Honest and clear communication
  • Forward-thinking solutions to diverse challenges
  • Aggressive work ethic from office staff and field personnel
  • Client advocate focused
  • A workforce with an entrepreneurial mentality – Everyone contributes to the success.
  • Quality Control practices to ensure the best outcome
  • Project and program results that are future-proof – Our work ensures you long-term success.
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